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  • Visma Ski Classics

Legendary wins in Jizerska!

Strong breakaways became the characteristics of this year’s Jizerska Padesatka, the 7 th race in Visma Ski Classsics Season VIII. Morten Eide...
  • Visma Ski Classics

Britta Johansson Norgren and Morten Eide Pedersen, winners of Jizerska

  • Visma Ski Classics

Watch ALL events Live!

Watch ALL events live in Visma Ski Classics PLAY. Next event coming up is Jizerska, sunday 18th of february with broadcast start CET 09:00. Go to...
  • Visma Ski Classics

Jiserska next in Visma Ski Classics

The two-week break is almost over for Visma Ski Classics pro teams as they head towards the Czech Republic this weekend. Jizerska Padesatká (50 km)...
  • Visma Ski Classics

25% discount on Dahlie clothes

Visma Ski Classics shop is set up together with the official clothing partner Dahlie. Now we offer 25% discount on all the items in the shop! In the...
  • Visma Ski Classics

Two sprint finishes in todays´Toblach-Cortina

In sprint finishes, Tord Asle Gjerdalen, Team Santander, managed to win again after missing out at the Marcialonga while Britta Johansson-Norgren,...
  • Visma Ski Classics

Gjerdalen and Johansson Norgren win Toblach-Cortina

Two Tough Sprint finishes ended Toblach-Cortina 2018. More information to follow..
  • Visma Ski Classics

Toblach-Cortina next in Visma Ski Classics

Toblach -Cortina, the sixth event of Visma Ski Classics is going to be held on the original 50 km course with the start area in the military airport...
  • Visma Ski Classics

Chernousov and Johansson Norgren win Marcialonga

There were amazing sprint finishes in Marcialonga as four men approached the finish line in tandem while two women fought tooth and nail for their...
  • Årefjällsloppet

Bansträckning och banprofil

Nu är bansträckningen renad och fastställd. Här hittar du sträckning och profil för de olika loppen. HÄR HITTAR NI DE OLIKA KARTORNA OCH...